The Chasm


Escape from the chasm you've fallen into with turn-based fighting


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The Chasm is a role-playing game with a turn-based combat system in which you control a young man who has fallen over a waterfall. Now, you have to try to escape from this dangerous chasm and avoid the enemies that are trying to kill you.

In the beginning, you can only control the main character, Hank, who is armed with little more than a stick and his bare hands. After you play for some time, new friends will join you. The first one is your loyal dog, Smoke, and later on you'll meet new friends as you go.

The combat system uses the traditional SRPG system. This means that you can move throughout the scenario in turns, selecting enemies that you want to attack. You attack first, and then your enemies attack. It's a simple and effective system.

Each time you win a fight, you'll get experience points and will level up over time, improving your skills and abilities. In the beginning, you only fight birds and slime, but to face more dangerous enemies later in the game, leveling up is necessary.

The Chasm is a charming role-playing game with strategy-based fights. The story is not that great, but it will keep you interested for a number of hours.
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